What Are Some Good Online Kids Games?

What Are Some Good Online Kids Games?

Good online games for kids include “My Little Sproutlet Flyer,” “Catch the SportsCandy,” “You and Me Tree” and “Jiggle Jumble Jump” from Sproutonline.com. Disney’s “The Missing Amulet” is also an enjoyable online children’s game.

“My Little Sproutlet Flyer” involves racing through the skies. Players click to select or create a sproutlet and use the arrow keys to race through levels. The first flyer to complete the laps wins the race.

“Catch the SportsCandy” involves bagging the candy and avoiding unhealthy foods. Players move the mouse left and right and collect healthy foods to score points. Catching bonus objects scores extra points.

“You and Me Tree” involves helping Lucy find five picnic items placed around the tree. Players use the mouse to move around and to click on the mentioned items.

“Jiggle Jumble Jump” involves helping the Pajanimals get ready for bed by repeating their dance moves. Players watch an example pattern and then click the dance sequence.

“The Missing Amulet” revolves around helping Sofia the First find the titular amulet. Players search around the garden and in the castle, clicking on hiding places to look for clues. Players move the mouse left and right to catch objects that include the amulet thrown down by the Griffin.