What Are Some Good One-Liner Golf Jokes?


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Some golf one-liner jokes include "He claims it’s no sin to play golf on Sunday, but the way he plays, it’s a crime" and "Golf is a game, invented by God to punish guys who retire early." Another joke is "I don’t want to accuse him of cheating, but once he had a hole in one and scored it as a zero."

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The 1980 movie "Caddyshack," starring Chevy Chase as Ty Webb, is known for golf-related jokes. The jokes focus on golf competitions and maintenance, including banter between characters. A quick quip to use when watching a friend line up a shot would be "You're not being the ball, Danny."

Generally, funny golf jokes discuss elements integral to the game, such as lowering one's golf score or making a hole in one. Stereotypes about golfers, such as their age, nationality, gender or retirement status, also come up frequently. Twisting the facts and habits of the game with a play on words or wry comment is the basis of joke creation.

Golf is typically played on a golf course, and its green area where the majority of the action takes place is known as a fairway. The golf course typically consists of 18 holes to play, through there are sometimes nine-hole games that are played twice through for a complete 18-hole game.

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