What Are Some Good Nick Jr. Games for Kids?


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“Coloring Book,” “Max and Ruby Dress-up” and “Dora and Friends: Mermaid Magic” are good Nick Jr. games for kids. “Julius Jr. Big Day of Fun” is also another good game.

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What Are Some Good Nick Jr. Games for Kids?
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“Coloring Book” is a game that involves coloring drawings of Nick Jr. characters by using a crayon, spraying can or a paint bucket. Players click to choose drawings, tools and colors to use. They cover a large section in a click when using the bucket and hold the mouse down and move it when using the spraying can.

The “Max and Ruby Dress-up” game involves selecting and dressing up Max or Ruby. Players choose and click on garments, drag them to the characters' bodies and click again to fit. Max and Ruby applaud when players choose a favorite outfit.

“Dora and Friends: Mermaid Magic” is an interactive game that involves beach cleaning, treasure hunting and collecting to score points. Players click three times to uncover and collect golden coins and items for recycling buried under the beach. They then proceed to collect treasure stolen by turtles of a greedy mermaid by clicking the right musical patterns to get past the octopus guard and then clicking on the treasure hidden in the clams.

“Julius Jr. Big Day of Fun” involves collecting berries by moving the mouse left and right, solving a puzzle and clicking squares to follow Julius’s dance steps.

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