What Are Some Good, Free Multiplayer Online Games?

What Are Some Good, Free Multiplayer Online Games?

Top free multiplayer online games include "War Thunder," "Alliance of Valiant Arms" and "F.E.A.R." Alternatively, gamers can try "World of Warcraft," which offers a trial period where players don't need to pay.

"War Thunder" is an MMO game that focuses on pilot bombers from the World War II era. In addition to featuring a high level of environment detail, it allows users to fly aircraft from the U.S., Japan, Great Britain and other countries that fought in World War II.

"Alliance of Valiant Arms" offers a modern warfare alternative to "War Thunder." It has a first-person shooter format that revolves around a scenario emerging from tensions between the European Union and Russia. Players can create a clan with other users.

"F.E.A.R." is ideal for those who like gameplay with a horror theme. Players team together to bring down a range of horror creatures, or play a game mode where they become ghosts that defend themselves or possess others.

Those who prefer classic MMOs can try "World of Warcraft," where thousands of players congregate to battle and form alliances in an ever-evolving world. Players can participate for free up to level 20, but need a credit or debit card to participate in certain aspects of the game.