What Are Some Good Monster Truck Racing Games?


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Some good monster truck racing games include “Monster Race 3D” and “Earn to Die 2012.” While “Monster Race 3D” is a traditional racing game, “Earn to Die 2012” has players racing against the clock to make it to the end of the stage.

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In “Monster Race 3D,” players take control of one of five different monster trucks and race on one of six courses. The first race track is unlocked automatically. Players have to score at least a bronze medal to unlock the next race track. They use the computer keyboard to control the monster trucks. The arrow keys steer and accelerate, and the Ctrl key uses the boost. Players must collect the nitro power-ups that are scattered across each race course to build up the boost.

In “Earn to Die 2012,” players race against the clock, for which the game uses a fuel gauge. After each attempt to complete a level, they return to the garage so that they can upgrade their trucks. Upgrades range from starting with more gas or time to having a more powerful engine. Gamers earn money based on how far they can make it in the time limit and on how many zombies they run over in their attempts to reach the end.

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