How Do You Find a Good "Minecraft" Server?


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The choice of a good "Minecraft" server is dependent on the kind of gameplay you want. A simple server focuses either on survival or creation, while a more complex server offers mini-games, themed scenarios and other customizations. Server listings are available through Planet Minecraft or the "Minecraft" forums.

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Most servers have websites or lists online that provide necessary data. Some "Minecraft"-based YouTube channels offer "seed spotlights" that explain and review a given server. Check "Minecraft" forums to learn more about a server's style and reputation before joining. Look for a server that has at least 95 percent uptime, ideally between 98 to 99 percent; a server with a lower uptime may not be available when you want to play.

Determine how many other players you would like on a server. If you are looking for an anarchy-style server, a smaller number of players offers a good balance between fighting and exploring. A server with mini-games needs a larger population to guarantee a filled roster and minimize wait times.

If griefing is a big concern, look for a whitelist server. A whitelist server requires you to register and log in via an external webpage before it allows you to play. Combined with the tightly policed security, this measure helps discourage or minimize griefing.

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