What Makes a Good Marriage Picture?

What Makes a Good Marriage Picture?

Examples of elements that contribute to good wedding photographs include the couple's facial expressions, capturing the right moment and uniqueness. Other elements are the environment and capturing detail.

One key to a good wedding photo is to capture the couple with facial expressions that reflect their love. This is a look that can't be faked and is filled with true passion. To capture this expression, it is best to take a candid, natural photo versus having the couple pose for it.

Capturing the best moments is all about knowing how to shoot at the right times. Photos that are captured at the right moment tell a story of the event. Examples of moment-worthy photos are when the bride tosses the bouquet and any creative parts of the ceremony.

Creating a unique photo involves using creative lighting, framing, colors and effects. Many photographers travel to their locations ahead of time to inspect the scenery. This allows them to get a feel for the environment and how to capture it with good composition.

Wedding rings, shoes and decorations are examples of details that are commonly overlooked in wedding photography. Capturing photos of these small details adds to the story of the wedding.