What Are Some Good Mario and Luigi Arcade Games?


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"Super Mario Flash," "Super Mario Crossover 3" and "Mario and Luigi" are free Mario and Luigi arcade games. "Super Mario Flash" is offered at PCMarioGames.com, Super Mario Crossover 3" is available at FreeWebArcade.com, and "Mario and Luigi" is provided at TwoPlayerGames.org.

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"Super Mario Flash" is a platform game that challenges players to collect coins and defeat monsters to save the Princess. Players choose Mario or Luigi and use the Level Editor to increase the game's difficulty.

In "Super Mario Crossover 3," players are tasked with completing levels to progress through the worlds. The platform game, a crossover with other popular arcade-game franchises, allows players to compete as Mario, Luigi, or characters from Zelda and Mega Man. The maps in "Super Mario Crossover 3" can be altered to resemble other games. As the game is lengthy, players are allowed to save their progress.

"Mario and Luigi" is a two-player tennis arcade game. In single-player mode, players compete as Mario against a computer player, Luigi, in a traditional game of pong. Two-player mode allows the second player to play as Luigi. The first player to score 10 points wins the game.

Mario and Luigi are two characters from Nintendo's long-running "Mario" series.

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