What Are Some Good Magic Tricks to Learn?

What Are Some Good Magic Tricks to Learn?

Card tricks are good magic tricks to learn because they don't require an elaborate setup, though it's necessary to learn some basic card skills. Simple magic tricks are also good to learn

Performing magic tricks with playing cards requires learning several sleight of hand techniques. For example, the double lift is an essential move that requires lifting two cards while seemingly only lifting one. The pinky break, false cut and double undercut are other important techniques necessary for performing card magic tricks.

Another important trick is forcing a card, which actually requires having a spectator select the card the magician wants. There are several techniques for this trick. However, the most advanced involves perfecting both a false cut and a pinky break to manipulate the card so the magician always knows where the chosen card is.

The sucker trick is an example of forcing a card. Magicians get spectators to select a card before mixing it back into the deck. They then deal the cards onto a table face up until the card has been revealed. They state the next card they turn over is the chosen card and invite bets, since the card is already on the table. When they've collected the bets, they turn over the chosen card already sitting on the table.

A simple magic trick is the linking paper clips, which involves placing the two paper clips just so. The trick involves using sleight of hand to make two seemingly disconnected paper clips on a dollar bill fly into the air and link. However, the initial positioning and snap of the dollar bill make them link automatically.