What Are Some Good Free Magic Tricks Available Online?


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The website GoodTricks.net offers a number of free magic tricks such as Vanish a Cigarette, Penny Prediction Illusion, Awesome Rising Card Trick, Amazing Mind Reading and Anti Gravity Water. The site offers a variety of categories including card tricks, optical illusions, coin tricks, street magic and levitation tricks. Tricks typically include detailed directions or a short video demonstrating how the illusion is performed.

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To vanish a cigarette, the magician wets the back of his thumb. He then holds a cigarette in his fist and squeezes, adhering the cigarette to the back of his thumb. After a few magical motions with his other hand, he opens his palms, and the cigarette is concealed behind his thumb, appearing to someone directly in front of him as if it has disappeared. If the magician reverses the motions, the cigarette reappears. If the performer does not want to use a cigarette, a small straw may be substituted.

In the Penny Prediction Illusion, the performer passes a hat containing 10 coins, each with a different date. He has an audience member choose one at random, examine it and pass it around to others. The coin is then mixed in with the other and without looking, the magician reaches into the hat and pulls out the correct coin. To perform this feat, the performer only has to feel which coin is warmer than the others due to it being handled.

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