What Are Some Good Logic Puzzles to Work the Brain?


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Logic problems that are good brainteasers include sudoku and classic logic puzzles. Sudoku is a numbers puzzle that requires filling a nine-by-nine grid with the correct numbers in order to achieve a certain pattern. Classic logic puzzles list several items in one category to be matched with things from one or two other categories using only the sentences provided.

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Sudoku begins with a nine-by-nine grid with some of the spaces filled in with numbers. Each grid is further split into nine three-by-three grids. The object of the game is to fill in the empty grids such that each row, column and grid is filled with the numbers 1 through 9 without any repeats. The game requires no math skills, only an aptitude for logic and spatial thinking.

Classic logic puzzles begin with a grid with each of the rows labeled with items from one category and each of the columns labeled with items from the other category. The object of the puzzle is to match up the corresponding objects using the statements provided. The grid isn't necessary to solve the puzzle but it does make it easier to cross off options. Free logic puzzles can be found at Logic-Puzzles.org as well as at other websites.

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