What Are Some Good Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns?

What Are Some Good Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns?

Examples of good jelly roll quilt patterns include the hourglass blocks, petunia strings, walk in the park and jelly roll jam. To create the petunia string quilt pattern, it is necessary to cut pipes of fabric and piece them diagonally, according to SewingforBeginners.com.

Hourglass quilts feature hourglass-shaped geometric patterns, which are ideal for pillowcases and bed sheets because of their floral appearance.

The zigzag jelly roll quilt pattern uses two fabric rectangles to form one big square. It is necessary to lay the squares together before joining them. Care should be taken to avoid misplacing the small panels, as this ruins the entire pattern, according to Sewing For Beginners.

The walk in the park is another simple jelly roll quilt pattern. The key step in this design is to make the correct cut lengths and join all equal-sized pieces together. The final print requires precise dimensions for each brick.

The best jelly roll quilt pattern for novice sewers is the jelly roll jam. The design should have simple color patterns, and few sections should have complex patterns. The quilt top for this pattern requires one jelly roll, and the binding and backing require 1/2 yard and 1 1/4 yards of fabric, respectively.