What Are Some Good Indoor Paintball Arenas?


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Some good indoor paintball arenas include CPX Paintball, White River Paintball and Splatbrothers Paintball. The paintball arenas that are popular will ultimately depend on where paintball players are located. CPX Paintball is the number one arena in the Chicago area, according to CPXSports.com.

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CPX Paintball is a high-tech play arena. The site offers electronic registration, a pro-gear shop, snack bar, safety theater, indoor plumbing and is open year round. It has several different fields that players can choose to use. During the summer, the arena is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but during the winter, it is closed on weekends. Private paintball parties can be scheduled in advance on the days it is closed.

White River offers players a 15,000-square-foot arena that features a military, post-apocalyptic themed field for paintball. There are half walls, military vehicles, blown up vehicles, barrels and more that add to the excitement of the arena. Additionally, the area is large enough that it allows for up to three private party registrations at a time. When not reserved, the arena can hold up to 60 players.

Splatbrothers is the oldest paintball arena in Virginia and has been open for 17 years, states SplatBrothers.com. Featured in shows like "Wife Swap" and in newspapers such as The New York Times, the area also participates in charitable games for NASCAR and other events.

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