What Are Some Good Indian Costume Ideas?


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Some ideas to make an Indian costume are to fringe a tan shirt and khaki pants or make a feather headdress out of construction paper. One can also add embellishments such as beads and Indian symbols to the outfit.

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One of the easiest ways to make an Indian costume is to repurpose an old pair of khakis and a tan or brown T-shirt. A handmade headdress is the perfect way to tie it all together.

  1. Cut a piece of felt equal in length to the outer seam of the pants and about 1 1/2 inches wide. Cut fringe about 1 inch deep along the entire length. Sew or use fabric glue to attach the felt to the outside seams of the pants. Repeat this step for the sleeves and bottom hem of the shirt.
  2. To add a touch of authenticity to the costume, sew colorful beads in various patterns on the shirt. One can also easily to an iron-on transfer with wax paper and crayons. Simply draw a crayon picture on the waxy side of the paper and use an iron to transfer it to the shirt.
  3. Measure the person's head circumference and cut a strip of construction paper that length plus 1 or 2 inches. Cut feathers out of different colors and glue to the headband. Staple the end of the headband so it fits snugly around the head.
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