What Are Some Good Ideas for Wooden Clothespin Crafts?


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Some good ideas for wooden clothespin crafts include a trivet, a memo holder or a circle mirror. Other clothespin crafts are an organizer tree and an apron-sided table.

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Make a trivet by taking the metal springs off of 40 wooden clothespins. Place them on their flat sides, and drill a hole in each one about a 1/2 inch from the tapered end. Use floral wire to thread them together into a circle. To construct a memo holder, disassemble the clothespins and set the metal part aside. Spray paint the wood parts in a chosen color and let them completely dry. Reassemble the clothespins, decorate further, and then use them to clip items to a length of twine.

Use an 11 1/2 inch circular wood plaque, a smaller round mirror and 32 clothespins. Paint the plaque and clothes in a desired color. After everything dries, glue the mirror to the middle of the plaque and glue the clothespins in a circular pattern around the edges of the mirror.

Make an organizer tree from a repurposed metal necklace holder and wooden clothespins. Draw simple patterns onto the clothespins with a marker, and use them to hold small items on the tree. To decorate an apron-sided table, paint the table and pins. Glue the clothespins to the apron with the open end facing up.

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