What Are Some Good Ideas for Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers?


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For Thanksgiving turkey crafts for preschoolers, About.com recommends thankful turkey hands, a handmade Styrofoam turkey and turkey cups. These activities are appropriate for preschoolers to complete on their own with some adult supervision.

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To make the thankful turkey hands, trace your child's hand print on paper. Have your child dictate five things for which he is grateful, and write one on each finger and the thumb. Accept all answers your child gives you, even if they seem silly. Draw two turkey legs under the hand print, and draw the beak and waddle on the thumb. The fingers are the turkey's feathers.

To make a handmade turkey, let your child poke colorful craft feathers into a Styrofoam ball. Glue on pom poms for the eyes and an orange triangle cut from construction paper for the eyes. Stick orange pipe cleaners into the bottom of the ball for the feet. To help your Thanksgiving guests keep track of their cups, have your preschooler make them turkey cups. Cut colorful feathers out of construction paper, and glue them to the back of the cup. Glue wiggly eyes and a construction paper beak on the front of the cup. Write your guests' names on the feathers.

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