What Are Some Good Ideas for Leprechaun Traps for Children?


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A colorful idea for a leprechaun trap is to make a lucky rainbow using varied colors of card stock cut into strips, with each strip of paper forming an arch with a slight tab on both ends. With the tabs adhered to a surface, assemble each slit of paper in a line to form a tunnel. Add clouds and shamrocks to increase the likelihood of a leprechaun visit.

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Another possibility is to create a leprechaun hat using green and black construction paper. Cut a hole into the top of the hat to ensure the leprechaun becomes trapped as it is tempted by the small treats placed nearby. Craft a rainbow from pipe cleaners, and place them on the hat alongside cotton ball clouds.

For a more traditional trap, use a cardboard treasure chest. After painting the chest green and gold, place a layer of moss inside the box. Use pipe cleaners to design a rainbow, and place it on top of the moss. Place gold coins at the end of the rainbow as a way to lure the leprechaun. Prop the box open using a straw or a stick.

A leprechaun is a type of fairy that is common in Irish folklore. It is a solitary creature who enjoys making and mending shoes and has a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. According to popular lore, if a leprechaun is captured by a human, it can grant three wishes in exchange for its freedom.

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