What Are Some Good Ideas for Crafts to Sell?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Crafts to Sell?

Good ideas for crafts to sell include unique candles, decorated glasses or cups, knitted items and friendship bracelets. Tips for selling crafts include researching on the competition, tracking spending and offering discounts.

Homemade candles individually wrapped with fancy lace or ribbons can be good crafts to sell. Pouring beautiful rocks or glass gems into jars and propping candles inside the jars is another way to add value to homemade candles.

Decorated glasses and cups are also good crafts to sell because people generally like personalized items. Artistic crafts people can use bubble paint, glue-on sequins and spray paint to create unique and personalized designs on mugs, glasses and cups.

For people who like to knit, scarves and sweaters offer good business opportunities especially in the winter. Personal touches include sewing on names, unique designs or animals on the knitted items.

Friendship bracelets are relatively easy to make and can be sold to family, friends or co-workers. These can be made from lanyard, sued lace and decorative beads or charms.

It is important to thoroughly research the competition before attempting to sell crafts. This helps to determine how much to spend on supplies and to price the items competitively to attract customers. Offering discounts or free samples is a good way to promote new products and attract clients.