What Are Some Good Ideas for Craft Fair Booth Displays?


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One idea for a craft fair booth display is to show how the product works, from book ends to wine cork removers, according to RenegadeCraft.com. For instance, use a pair of craft bookends to hold up some prop books on the table.

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Crafters have to draw in customers before they can make a sale. Creating an attractive display table is a good way to get that attention. There are multiple ways to enhance a booth.

  • Set up a structure: Some sellers like to build up their booths with walls, bars for food and drink or even a sewing area.
  • Bring extra light: Indoor booths may be dark, which can turn off buyers. Bring in extra light sources for added warmth and visibility.
  • Use the walls: Booths are often separated by fabric, but crafters can bring in pegboard walls to create extra selling space to hang products from.
  • Create multiple layers: Bring in boxes to stack smaller items on and to add extra height to the table. Boxes also raise items up so they are easier to see.
  • Use decorative props: Props like books, tea cups and trays help fill out an empty table while also providing places for smaller items.
  • Create signage: Make up a sign with a fun name for the booth, add price stickers to all of the items and create other helpful signs describing items for buyers, according to RetailPackaging.com.
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