What Are Some Good Ideas for a Cool Sleepover?


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Some good ideas for a cool sleepover include personalizing a Jenga game, play "Make Out, Marry or Dump" and a toss and talk ball. Each of these ideas are adaptable for most age groups.

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To personalize a Jenga game, the hostess must take each of the Jenga blocks and write a creative dare or truth on each one. These can include personal questions or asking the player to tell two truths and lie to let the other players determine which are which. Dares can include a variety of things but stay away from anything unsafe or that might hurt someone's feelings.

To play "Make Out, Marry or Dump," the hostess needs to make out index cards with current actors, band members and other attractive celebrities. When the game starts, a card gets held up and each player tells whether they make out with the person, marry them or dump them. This helps everyone get a better idea of everyone's type, from the bad boys to the romantic heroes.

The toss and talk ball is covered in fun questions used to break the ice and get everyone talking. Each guest gets a chance to choose the questions that they want to answer. The hostess needs to try to get as many of the questions answered as possible but needs to let guests answer the same questions if they like.

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