What Are Some Good Ideas for Free Bible Crafts?


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Ideas for free Bible crafts include making a books-of-the-Bible wreath, creating inspirational stones and making toothpick crosses. Each craft requires minimal supplies that crafters can find second-hand for free.

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A books-of-the-Bible wreath requires glue, scissors, crayons and a paper plate. Begin by printing pictures representing Bible stories, such as rainbows, pyramids, crosses or sheep, cutting them out and then coloring those pictures with crayons. Cut a hole in the center of the paper plate to create a donut shape, and glue the pictures on the wreath. Complete the project by tying a bow or putting a piece of yarn on the back to hang it.

Supplies for inspirational stones include rocks with a flat top and bottom, paint, permanent markers, newspaper and paintbrushes. Wash the stones, let them dry, and cover the work surface with the newspaper. Paint the rocks with the desired background color, and let dry. Then use the permanent marker to write an inspirational thought. Finish the stone by decorating with paint or markers.

Toothpick crosses require toothpicks, white glue, plastic Easter eggs and play dough. Arrange two toothpicks in a cross shape, and glue them together. Place the play dough on top of half of an Easter egg, and place the toothpick cross in the center. The dough hardens to hold the toothpick in place.

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