What Are Some Good Ideas for Beach Crafts?


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Simple but eye-catching beach crafts are sand bowls and driftwood fish. These crafts do not require a lot of experience or materials and the end results capture the essence of the beach perfectly.

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To make a sand bowl, mix fine-grained sand with liquid glue until the mixture drips but does not run. Inflate a balloon until it is the size of the desired sand bowl and place it into a separate bowl with the knotted end facing down, to prevent it from rolling. Drip the sand mixture over the top of the balloon so that it covers most of the top third and allow the sand to dry.

Add additional layers of sand mixture, allowing each to dry before adding the next and making each slightly smaller than the last. Flatten the top of the last layer to make the bottom of the bowl. Pop and remove the balloon when all layers are dry.

To make a driftwood fish, collect driftwood in various lengths. Take a piece of cardboard, draw a simple fish shape onto it, and cut the shape out. Arrange the driftwood pieces on the cardboard so that the cardboard is completely covered, making each piece overlap the edge slightly. Use a hot glue gun to adhere each piece to the cardboard in the correct position. If desired, add an eye by gluing on a cork or other found object.

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