What Are Some Good Ideas for an Adult Scavenger Hunt?

An exciting scavenger hunt idea for adults is the Road Rally Scavenger Hunt. The game involves teams driving around in cars, looking for clues and completing tasks. The first team that reaches the finishing line wins.

A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt is a game ideal for groups with no members old enough to drive. Make two teams, and give them a list of items that they should collect around the neighborhood. The team who collects the most items is the winner.

Another idea is to host a Fitness Scavenger Hunt. In this game, the participants follow a route and do various exercise moves as they reach different landmarks, such as a park bench, on the way. The first participant to reach the finish line after successfully completing all the tasks wins.

The Mall Scavenger Hunt is a fun game that can be played with a medium or a large group. To get started, split everybody into teams of five. These groups have to go out and complete a list of tasks in 60 minutes. The more tasks they complete, the better. Give two lists to each team and track how much time they take to come back. For evidence, they must take photos of the completed tasks. Once all teams have returned, review the photos to see which team has scored the most points.