What Are Some Good Icebreakers for a Church Meeting?


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Good icebreakers for a church meeting include asking attendees to state God's blessings in their lives and to play a game called autographs that asks attendees to learn about each other. Another icebreaker asks each attendee to pick a name and then draw a picture of the person.

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To play autographs, church leadership gives each person a sheet with various tasks written on it, followed by a blank line by each task. Tasks can include reciting Bible books or verses, or they can simply reference a personal fact such as a school attended or number of children. Each person must find another person in the group that can perform the task; the person that performs each task autographs the appropriate line on the paper. The first person to fill her sheet wins the game.

To play the drawing icebreaker, each person's name goes into a hat. If the group is not well-acquainted, this game presents an opportunity for each person in attendance to introduce herself to others. Group members then draw a picture of the person they chose, and other group members guess the person's identity.

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