What Are Some Good Homemade Gifts for Kids to Make?


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Some easy gifts for kids to make include painted deserts and iron-on floral tote bags. Another easy gift a kid can make is a cookie mix kit.

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To make a painted desert, all a kid needs is some colored sand and a jar. The child then takes the sand and layers it in the jar to create a visual effect. To make iron-on floral tote bags, parents buy blank canvas bags and transfer paper, and then iron on clip art or other images to the bags. Kids can then decorate the bags with sharpies and other markers.

A cookie mix kit is an easy way for a kid to give an adult who likes to cook a present he can use. To make one, the child must find a cookie recipe, and then layer the ingredients into a jar. He can decorate it with a tag, ribbons and bows.

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