What Are Some Good High-Carbon Steel Swords?


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Notable names in the sword industry include Cheness Cutlery, Cold Steel, Albion and Hanwei, which all make high-carbon steel swords. The quality of carbon steel swords depends on the manufacturer and what type of sword you want, as well as the steel itself.

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Some manufacturers are known for using certain types of steel with specific properties. Cheness Cutlery, for instance, uses 9260 spring steel, which is high carbon steel that can take extreme lateral stress and return to its true shape. This is an important quality for a sword that is intended for functional use. Hanwei focuses mainly on Eastern swords such as the katana, which is made of high carbon steel that can hold a keen edge with proper maintenance. If you want European swords, Albion is well-known in the industry for functional longswords, zweihanders and others.

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