What Is a Good Heavy Metal Guitar?


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As of 2014, some good heavy-metal guitars include the Ibanez Premium RG950QM, the B.C. Rich Pro X Mockingbird, the PRS SE Paul Allender, the ESP LTD SC-607B 7-String Baritone and the Gibson Flying V, Government Series. These guitars' metal tone, playability and price all make them great choices for metal guitarists.

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Ibanez's Premium RG950QM is a mid-range guitar that's crafted for playing speed metal. The guitar's HSH DiMarzio pickups give the tone a metal edge. It also features tremolo and Ibanez's zero-point tuning system.

B.C. Rich is known for metal guitars, and the Pro X Mockingbird is a high-quality model that's not overly expensive. The guitar features EMG pickups and a distinctive tremolo system.

PRS's SE Paul Allender is part of the company's economy series, making it an appealing option for the metal guitarist on a budget. The guitar's low price doesn't mean low quality, however. The Paul Allender's wider neck and EMG pickups make it sound like a much more expensive guitar.

The ESP LTD SC-607B is a seven-string baritone guitar, which means it falls somewhere between a guitar and a bass. EMG pickups and a unique, simple body design make this a popular choice for guitarists looking to expand their low ranges.

Gibson's Flying V is a classic metal guitar that offers both a distinct tone and design. This iconic guitar has been used by metal legends as diverse as Tool and Motley Crue.

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