What Are Some Good Group Games for Adults?


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Some fun games for adults include Who Am I and Mail Call. Another fun game is an orange race that uses oranges and pantyhose. Adults can play the orange race as a tournament, with players racing in elimination rounds, ending with a championship round.

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To play Who Am I, assign each person a name and attach it to his forehead or back. Each person can then ask 20 "yes or no" questions to figure out who he is.

To play Mail Call, the group creates a closed circle with one person in the center. People can stand in the circle or use chairs. The person in the center then makes a statement, such as "mail call for everyone who is wearing blue." At that point, everyone in the circle who is wearing blue must switch places in the circle with another person who is wearing blue. Players are not allowed to move to the spot directly next to them. The object of the game is for the person in the middle to find a spot in the circle before someone else does. The next person in the middle continues the game with more "mail calls," choosing identifying factors to make players move.

To play the orange relay race game, each racer must have two oranges and a pair of pantyhose. To set up, the racers place one orange on the floor and the other in a leg of the pantyhose, and tie the other leg around their waists. The leg with the orange should hang to the ground, and swing between the racer's legs. The racers then swing the hanging orange to push the second orange across the floor to the finish line. The first person across the finish line wins.

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