What Are Some Good Games for Teenagers?


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Some examples of fun games for teenagers are The Mummy, Eat the Donut and Freeze Dance. These games are ideal for parties and teenage gatherings.

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To play The Mummy, break into groups of two or three. Every group gets a roll of toilet paper and chooses someone to be "the mummy." Each team must wrap the mummy using the whole roll of toilet paper. Depending on the rules, the first team to finish or the team with the most creative mummy wins.

The game Eat the Donut requires one donut for every two people playing. String the donuts on a thick string, and tie the string up between two trees. Split the group into pairs, and see which team can eat a donut the fastest. Any team who lets the donut fall to the ground is disqualified.

To play Freeze Dance, make a playlist with fun dance music, and choose one person to control the music. When the music plays, everyone has to dance. The music controller then randomly pauses the music, and each time this happens, everyone dancing must freeze. Whoever is still moving after the music stops is eliminated, and the last person left on the floor wins.

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