What Are Good Games for Kids to Play?


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Good games for children include outdoor games, indoor games, board games and online games. Family Education offers several ideas of fun outdoor games to keep kids active. Today's Parent shares engaging indoor games for days when the weather is too harsh for kids to play outside.

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What Are Good Games for Kids to Play?
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Parents magazine shares classic board games for children, and Knowledge Adventure features dozens of online learning games for children, including Word Scramble, Math Blaster Zapper and Musical Notes. Knowledge Adventure's games are categorized by age, grade and subject matter, with educational science, math, word, reading and spelling games available.

Good games for kids engage all children's senses, offer physical activity where possible and incorporate learning in a fun way. Family Education's list includes dozens of races, water games, scavenger hunts, gardening games and nature-centered activities. It also includes outdoor sports and games such as kickball, badminton, horseshoes, hopscotch and golf.

Today's Parent's list of 20 indoor games include games such as card games, puzzles, paper and pencil games, indoor bowling, Simon Says and more. The site also suggests other indoor activities such as paper-bag skits, treasure hunts and blowing bubbles indoors. Parents magazine also suggests classic board games for kids, including Chutes and Ladders, Cariboo, Sequence for Kids, Sorry and Scramble Junior.

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