What Are Some Good Games for Kids on Miniclip?


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Some good games for kids on Miniclip include "Mini Pets," "Bob Robber 2" and "Soccer Stars." From pet care to tabletop sports, these kid-friendly games offer a range of entertainment.

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In "Mini Pets," kids take control of an animal shelter, learning about the logistics and resource management involved in taking care of animals. Players must hire trainers, upgrade care facilities and arrange the shelter so that animals get along. Kids can even try to pair off shelter residents for animal dating. The game is not extremely complex, but it features enough depth that very young children may find it too difficult.

In "Bob Robber 2," players take control of the gameメs eponymous protagonist, sneaking through levels to pick up loot. Part sneaking and part puzzle solving, the game throws many obstacles at players, including security cameras, traps and night watchmen. Players must navigate through the gameメs 2-D levels, searching for items and hiding in the shadows to avoid being seen. The gameメs simple controls and variety of obstacles make it engaging for older children.

"Soccer Stars" takes the form of a tabletop soccer game in which players slide around different game pieces representing players. By adjusting the force and angle of their controls, players can move the soccer ball and bump into opposing team members. The game also offers online play against other opponents.

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