What Are Some Good Games for Kids?


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There are a number of fun games for kids that can be played indoors with little requirements, and many of these games, such as making puzzles, using drawings and playing cards, can help cognitive development. Children can also play many games using just pencils and paper.

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What Are Some Good Games for Kids?
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A very simple yet enjoyable game that requires only a music player of some form to play is Freeze. This game is similar to musical chairs, except instead of sitting down on a chair when the music stops, players have to stop moving. To make the game more challenging, a number of specific poses can be used, including those resembling animals, letters or shapes.

Hopscotch is a popular game and is easily recreated in the home. Any floor is suitable and masking tape can be used to mark out the hopscotch board.

An treasure hunt can keep kids entertained for hours, depending on how well the treasures are hidden. Anything from sweet treats to toys can be hidden around the house or yard.

One game that requires nothing but willing participants is Simon Says. One player takes on the role of Simon, and the other players have to copy Simon's actions. This could be anything from touching the toes to jumping or dancing.

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