What Are Some Good Games Featuring Virtual Animals?


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As of 2015, PlayStation's "Vita Pets" and Nintendo's "Nintendogs" are both highly rated games featuring virtual animals. Both games allow players to adopt and care for virtual puppies. Players can select the particular breeds of dog they want in both games. Nintendo also offers the game "Nintendogs + Cats," which allows players to adopt kittens and puppies.

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In "Vita Pets," each breed of dog has a designated personality. For instance, border collies are brave and labrador retrievers are fun-loving. The game requires players to regularly feed and bath their dogs and even scoop their waste.

Players of "Vita Pets" can teach their dogs tricks and take them for walks in a vast virtual park. Once in the park, players can complete puzzles and other challenges with their dogs. When players call their dogs by name, they come running toward the screen. Players can take photos of their dogs at any time during the game.

In "Nintendogs," the dogs exhibit realistic canine behavior and become increasingly familiar with players the longer they spend time together. Players can pet their dogs with virtual hands and place their faces close to their screens for their puppies to lick them. They can also enter contests with their dogs and use the StreetPass feature that allows them to interact with other players and their dogs.

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