What Are Some Good Games for a Family Gathering?

A few good games for a family gathering are charades, beanbag or water balloon tossing, family trivia and treasure or scavenger hunts. At many family reunions, some other favorite activities that everyone can enjoy are playing volleyball, baseball or soccer, as noted by Reserve America.

A fun game that all members of the family may like is a bean ball toss game where players have five chances to throw the bag through holes on a target, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Decorate an old large cardboard box with at least five smiley faces that have the smiles cut out, and compete to see who can get the beanbags through the smiles.

Another fun outdoor game particularly for kids is a treasure hunt. It involves burying a small chest with gold chocolate coins, toys or other treats. Children follow clues or a map to the buried treasure, and the first child or team to find the chest is the winner.

Some other traditional game ideas are charades, bingo and board games. Family members can gather around and play trivia games such as Trivial Pursuit. The host gathers information from everyone and makes up questions related to family history and other topics for players to answer.