What Are Some Good Games About Escaping From Jail?


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"Escaping the Prison," "Prison Escape" and "Randy's Jail Break" are three popular games about escaping from jail. "Escaping the Prison" is available at AddictingGames.com, "Prison Escape" is offered at AGame.com and "Randy's Jail Break" is available at PrisonGames.net.

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In "Escaping the Prison," players are required to break out of prison using a stick man. The stick man must use a variety of techniques to break out, from launching rockets to pretending to be scared. As of 2016, the game has a 92 percent rating at AddictingGames.com.

"Prison Escape" challenges players to avoid the watching guards and escape from jail. The game is set during World War II, and the prisoner is being held at a camp in Nazi Germany. Players are tasked with acquiring objects that help them to pass through each room. Players must work out how to unlock each door using the equipment that is available.

In "Randy's Jail Break," players need to make the correct decisions to help the protagonist escape from jail in effort to protect his girlfriend from the mafia that he previously worked for. Players must choose how to communicate with the guard using the multiple choice dialog. As of 2016, "Randy's Jail Break" has an 87 percent rating at PrisonGames.net.

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