What Is a Good Game That Teaches Kids About Cell Biology?


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As of 2014, some good games that teach kids about cell biology are "Cell Explorer: Animal Cells," "CellCraft" and "Cell Defense: The Plasma Membrane." Children can play these games online for free. "Cell Explorer: Animal Cells" and "Cell Defense: The Plasma Membrane" are also available as apps for the iPhone.

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In "Cell Explorer: Animal Cells," children learn about cell biology as they navigate the game in a mini ship inside an animal. The game offers several missions to learn about animal cells. As the players shoot at different parts of the cell, they see a summary of that part of the cell and must answer a question to continue on their mission.

"CellCraft" teaches children about cell biology as they build their own cells in the game. Children get to enlarge and move the cell around the screen. As they do, additional parts of the cell are added to the player's single-cell organism. When a new part arrives, the game shows a description of the cell part before adding it. Players must add specific parts in the correct order.

Children learn the parts of a cell's membrane in "Cell Defense: The Plasma Membrane." After an attack on the cell's membrane, the players must help make a new membrane by adding the correct parts of the membrane in the correct order to rebuild the missing section.

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