What Are Some Good Fitted Covers for Card Tables?

As of 2015, some good fitted card table covers include Miles Kimball's Felt Game Table Cover and the Felt 34-to-36-Inch Square Table cover, note MilesKimball.com and BedBathandBeyond.com. Both of these products have good ratings from customers who have purchased them, as shown on their respective websites.

The table cover available from Miles Kimball has elastic edges to ensure that the cover fits tightly to the table. The measurements are made to fit a round, hexagonal or octagonal table with a diameter of 35 to 48 inches, and there is an extra-large cover available to fit a table that is 49 to 66 inches in diameter. The cover is easy to keep clean, as it is made from acrylic felt and can easily be wiped down. Customers can also get the cover in a square option. The various sizes all have different prices, so the cost of the piece depends on the needs of the customer, states MilesKimball.com.

The cover from Bed, Bath and Beyond has the size in its name, which makes it easy to know if it fits a customer's needs. The cover is made for indoor use only but is also easy to clean because it is made from acrylic felt. The corners are elasticized to fit tightly to the table.