What Are Some Good Fish Crafts for Kids?


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All Kids Network recommends creating colorful marine animals and fish-inspired games by making aquatic shapes with low-cost craft supplies, such as paper plates, printable templates, unfinished wood, paint and construction paper. For example, young children can make their own fishing game by putting paper clips on fish cutouts. Next, they hang a small magnet on a string and attach it to a stick to make a fishing pole.

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Children who love sparkly crafts can design their own sequined fish using an old or blank CD. Use heavy paper, such as cardstock, to cut out lips and fins, and attach them to the top, or noniridescent side, of the disc, Parents.com states. Glue craft eyes and multicolored sequins on both sides. Create a hanging decoration or mobile by gluing twine to the CD.

For a fun fishbowl craft, let children trace their hand and cut out the shape. The fingers resemble fins, and kids can add craft eyes and hand-drawn features to create a unique fish. All Kids Network suggests printing a fishbowl template and using blue construction paper to make a watery background. Glue the fish inside the fishbowl shape, and embellish the habitat with white beads, paper circles or sequins to make bubbles. Kids can use household ingredients such as dry beans to make gravel for their fishbowls.

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