What Are Some Good Firefighter Games for Kids?


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Some firefighter games that kids can play online include “Fireman” and “Super Fireman.” The “Fireman” game is available to play on USFireDept.com, and “Super Fireman” is on Learn4good.com. Both of these titles are free to play and don't require the player to download anything.

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In “Fireman,” the player takes control of a fire truck and races around the neighborhood to put out fires. He controls the firetruck using both the computer keyboard and mouse. The left and right arrow keys move the firetruck side to side, while the mouse aims the water. Players can see which houses are on fire on the mini map at the top of the screen. The point is to quickly rush to houses that are on fire, and put out the flames before the houses burn down. If the player runs out of water in the firetruck, he has to return back to base to refill. The game is over when three houses are lost.

“Super Fireman” gives players a chance to control a firetruck and a helicopter with the goal of putting out fires and saving people. The game is a point-and-click style game, which kids play with only a computer mouse. Players click to interact with certain objects, such as lakes to refill water and burning buildings to put out the flames. They have to be aware of the fuel and water levels in the firetruck or helicopter as well.

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