What Are Some Good Face Painting Patterns?


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Some good face painting patterns are a clown, mermaid, superhero and dragon. A princess face painting pattern that has the crown on the forehead is also simple and fun to do.

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To create a clown face painting pattern, paint red circles on the cheek and black triangles above and below one of the eyes. This is a simplified version of a traditional clown makeup pattern. For a mermaid, use blue face paint in the section of the face above the eyes, including all over the forehead. Paint some white shells on the forehead or one right in the center. Use white paint for the scales on the forehead. Paint starfish on the face or have some starfish hair clips.

For a child that wants dragon face paint, begin with green face paint on the nose, top lip, cheeks and face above the eyes. Use white paint for fangs and horns. Use black paint for scales on the cheeks and to paint the tip of the nose. Use black outline around different parts to accentuate the dragon design.

The superhero face paint is a good option because it has many varieties. The basis of this pattern is to use paint to create a mask that goes over the eyes and part of the nose. Use any desired colors and outline the mask in black.

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