What Are Some Good Earth Day Games?


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Great Earth Day games include treasure hunting, geocaching, recycle racing, crafting and planting. Recycle racing is a simple game in which groups of people clean up parks or public areas, making sure to divide recyclables from the trash that cannot be recycled. The person or group who collects the most recyclables wins.

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Organizing a treasure or scavenger hunt for children is another great Earth Day game. Provide the participating children a list of items that they need to collect, all of which are natural, such as feathers, leaves, flowers, stones and even insects. The team or child that finishes first wins.

For older children or adults, geocaching is a great substitute for treasure hunts. Instead of deciphering clues to find the treasure, a group is given coordinates and a GPS device. A treasure is found at the right coordinates. Another option is for a group to navigate to a geocach Internet site, look up hidden geocaches, and attempt to find them.

Instead of sending recyclables right away to a recycling center, parents can organize a crafting party for kids during Earth Day. Children can cut milk jugs and coffee cans into flower pots, planters or watering cans, and decorate them.

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