What Are Some Good Designs for Your Base in "Clash of Clans"?


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While there are no set designs for "Clash of Clans," some of the best base designs focus on clan castles, splash damage towers and resources, according to ClashofClans-Tools.com. Teslas and air defense towers also play an important role in protection.

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The key to a good design for a "Clash of Clans" base is a 6-by-6-tile or 3-by-3-tile core. This provides players with the most symmetry. Even well-designed bases fail without a strong core that holds the entire base together.

Between 20 and 25 archers at level five always need to defend the clan castle in the core. These units can do 400 to 500 damage per second to keep the clan castle secure.

The placement of resources is even more important, and players should never place them in a single bulkhead. The only exception to this is if the players have high level splash towers and walls defending the bulkhead.

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