What Are Some Good Crafts That Use Old Greeting Cards?


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Some good crafts using old greeting cards include turning them into gift tags, making them into baskets and sewing them into garland. They can also be made into unique luminaries and centerpieces. To make a luminary, cut off the front of four cards and use a small hole punch to add holes along both sides. Use embroidery floss to sew together the sides, connecting each card until a square forms. Place the candle inside.

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Instead of throwing away greeting cards, make a basket out of them by stitching them together in much the same way as the luminary. Print out the templates from the website or make one of your own. You need two hexagons and 12 trapezoids with the shorter top side of the shape curved. Place the two hexagons together with the unprinted sides of the cards facing together. Do the same with the trapezoids so that there are six side pieces with two pieces per side piece.

Punch holes along the sides and bottom of the trapezoids and around the hexagon. Line up the bottom of the trapezoids so that each piece is touching one side of the hexagon. Use embroidery floss to connect the side pieces to each other and the bottom hexagon piece.

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