What Are Some Good Crafts for Seniors?


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A few craft ideas for seniors include polymer clay work, mosaics, frame decoration, flower arranging and beading. When choosing senior crafts, people should consider factors such as dexterity, eyesight and disability.

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What Are Some Good Crafts for Seniors?
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Polymer clay allows seniors with limited dexterity in the hands and fingers to exercise their hands while creating unique decorations. Some options include clay pens, vases, pencil holders, beads and bowls. Seniors can use mosaic pieces to decorate vases, stepping stones and plaques, and they can follow a planned design or decorate freely. The sizes of the pieces may change depending on the senior's eyesight and dexterity. Beading is another variable option, as seniors can use cords and pony beads if they have limited dexterity, or they can make jewelry with thread and smaller beads.

Plain white picture frames from the dollar store can become canvases for frame decorating, making this an inexpensive option for larger groups of seniors. Seniors can use paint, picture scraps, foam shapes, glitter and other decorations to color the frames. To make a flower arranging craft, individuals can use strong, clear tape to make a gridlock pattern across the top of a bowl, keeping the squares small enough to keep one silk flower in place. A variety of silk flowers gives seniors options to make their own creations to display in their rooms or homes.

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