What Are Some Good Craft Projects for Adults?


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For good craft projects for adults, Martha Stewart recommends making cards with glitter and clip art or decorating household items with decoupage. About.com suggests designing creative crafts for your yard and patio.

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According to Martha Stewart, handwritten notes are even more special on cards you create yourself. Print clip art designs on card stock. Apply craft glue to the sections you want to glitter with a fine-tip applicator. Sprinkle glitter over the card and shake off the excess.

To customize ordinary household items, try decoupage. Martha Stewart defines decoupage as "artistic sleight of hand," because what appears to be a hand-painted image is actually cut paper glued in place. Cut botanical, geometric or colorful images from wrapping paper, wall paper, candy wrappers or scrapbook paper. Glue the images to ordinary items such as boxes, light switch covers, furniture or wooden eggs. Paint over the image with durable matte or gloss decoupage medium.

For a one-of-a-kind bird bath, make one with ceramic flower pots and a saucer. Stack flower pots to make the base and glue them together with industrial-strength adhesive. Glue a large saucer on top of the base. Paint or stencil with acrylic paints, and seal the bird bath with clear acrylic spray.

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