What Are Some Good Craft Ideas for Retirees?


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One craft idea for a retiree is a bird feeder wreath made in a bundt pan with birdseed and melted suet. Another idea is a hanging upside-down tomato planter made out of recycled soda bottles.

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One craft idea is a frosted mason jar for tea lights and candles. Yarn is wrapped around the jar before it is painted to create a design on the jar once the paint dries. One craft with multiple uses is baked salt dough. The dough is molded into a shape that suits its intended use, such as an ornament or a seating tag for a party, and then the dough is baked and painted.

One craft utilizing natural resources is a leafy stepping stone made by pouring and shaping cement over a large rhubarb leaf so that when it dries, the top of the stepping stone has a leaf imprint on top. Stone place mats or chaffing plates are created by hot gluing flat beach pebbles onto circles of felt or wood. One craft that helps when gardening is large painted stones labeled with names of plants and flowers.

Crafts that are consumable include beauty products, bath products and homemade soaps or detergents. Lip balm is made by mixing carnauba or bee's wax with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, and an essential oil or flavoring. Bath salts are created by mixing Epsom salt with essential oils and food coloring. Laundry detergent is made with a few household ingredients including washing soda and borax.

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