What Are Some Good Cop and Robber Games for Kids?


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Kids can play the classic cops and robbers game in a large outdoor area. There are two teams, the cops and the robbers, and similar to a game of tag, the cops chase the robbers until they catch them all.

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A jail is also necessary for play, and a tree, piece of playground equipment or other object can stand in for a jail. The game begins after all the cops count to 20 near the jail. During this time, the robbers should scatter and hide. The cops catch the robbers by tagging them and walking them to jail. Play continues until the cops apprehend and jail all the robbers. However, a jail break can occur if one of the untagged robbers runs to the jail and tags the previously caught robbers.

For another fun variation, parents can scatter seven or eight hula hoops around an area about the size of a basketball court. They then place as many bean bags into each hula hoop as they can, leaving one empty hula hoop in the center of the area. The object of the game is for the cops to tag and freeze all of the robbers as the robbers try to return all the bean bags to the center hula hoop. If the cops freeze all the robbers before they can steal the bean bags, the cops win. If all the bean bags end up in the center, the robbers win.

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