What Are Some Good Contest Ideas for Kids?

Healthy competition is a fun way to get children involved in new activities and stimulate their minds and bodies. When choosing contests for children, it is important to choose activities that are appropriate for the age and capabilities of the children. Relay races, scavenger hunts and contests involving familiar activities, such as blowing bubbles, are popular choices for kid-friendly contests.

Some fun contests that can be easily adapted to various age and skill levels include:

  • Popcorn relay race: Thread a thick rubber band through a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup and secure with a paperclip to create a harness that can be placed over a shoe. Have two children fill these cups with popcorn on a starting line, race to a box at the finish line and pour the popcorn from the cup on their shoes into the box. The team who gets the most popcorn in the box wins.
  • Nature scavenger hunt: Create a list of items easy to find in the area around the home, such as rocks, grass, leaves and sticks. Give each child a copy of the list and a shoe box or bag for collection.
  • Bubble blowing contest: Give each child a plate with a small amount of dish liquid in the center. Add a little water and stir until suds form. Use a straw positioned in the water to blow into the suds and form bubbles. Judge based on the number of bubbles, size and how long they last.