What Are Some Good Colonial Period Craft Projects?


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Some good craft projects from the American Colonial period include weaving and printmaking. Weaving is a craft that was practiced in nearly every household during the Colonial period. In contrast, printmaking offers the chance to learn about a specialized trade of the period. Homestead Folk Toys also recommends Early American crafts, such as spinning, sewing and knitting.

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What Are Some Good Colonial Period Craft Projects?
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A simple weaving project involves using a small piece of cardboard with notches cut into the top edge and one notch on the bottom right corner. Take a piece of yarn, and secure it in the top left notch. Then wrap the yarn around the bottom and back to the top, and secure it in the same notch. Next, wrap the yarn around the tab, and secure it in the second notch. Repeat this process across the card. Finally, use a separate piece of yarn to weave under and over the yarn on the card to create a small woven bag. Because importing textiles was very expensive during the Colonial period, every household used weaving techniques to create their own fabric for making everything from clothing to bedding.

For a good printmaking project, purchase some carve-your-own stamp blocks. Next, simply carve letters or designs into the blocks. Finally, place the stamps in ink or roll each on an ink pad, and transfer the designs onto paper. This project mimics the process used to create not only artistic prints, but also all the printed reading material of the period.

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