What Are Some Good Coin Sorting Machines?


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Some good coin-sorting machines are the Cassida C200, the Cassida C100 and the Royal Sovereign Sort 'N Save. The Cassida machines are electronic coin-sorting machines that will separate coins without any effort from the user.

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The Cassida C200 is an all-in-one sorter and counter. Users can load the machine with coin wrappers, and the machine fills each wrapper with the appropriate amount of money. This unit can handle up to 500 coins at a time. Once the user loads the coins into the top of the machine, he simply hits the start button and lets the machine count, sort and wrap. It features an LED screen to show the amount of coins in dollars that it has counted. The machine can count 300 coins a minute.

The Cassida C100 is a less expensive version of the Cassida C200. While it doesn't offer a coin-wrapping feature, it does have a larger coin hopper that allows users to dump over 1,000 coins into the top. The Cassida C100 sorts the coins into different containers to make it easier for the user to wrap the coins manually.

The Royal Sovereign Sort 'N Save is a manual coin sorter in which the user has to turn a handle to sort the coins. The machine often costs significantly less than the electronic machines, and it places the coins in easy-to-wrap piles.

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